About Us

We want every child around the world to have the opportunity to play the sport they love.

Sports values are Ryve's values.


We are a commercial company with a triple bottom line: profit, education and inclusion.

We provide everything needed to boost youth sports development.



Ryve Sports Fundraising is an e-commerce platform that allows clubs and teams raise funds by promoting products and services.

Ryve Sports Institute is our online platform with courses and programs to improve sports teaching quality (for parents and coaches).

Ryve Sports World is our international sports events platform (tournaments and clinics) where youth teams from all over the world meet to compete, share and grow.

Principles & Values
• Freedom of the individual genuine generosity (we do not give our surplus, we work with the culture of giving)
• Inclusion: We are all equal, without distinction of race or religion.
• We see new technologies as tools of inclusion.
• We believe in a culture of work and service.
• Mutual confidence is the foundation of all satisfactory human relationships.
• We believe in the power if the community (not only local but also global)
• We expect integrity of each RYVE member.
• LOVE, as the foundation of life that corresponds to fraternity behaviors within economic activity.

Our Story
Our story starts from making baseball bats, with a special wood from the subtropical forests of the Argentine Chaco Park. The Guayaibi is a semi-hard, flexible and with excellent pop wood. This feature makes it more durable than other woods used in baseball. This discovery led us to travel and know the American market, concluding that when a lot of players tested the Southbat bats, they decided to change the bat, because the power is in the wood, an example for this is the coach of the Giants and thousands of testimonies.
Based on studies we decided to sell our products through a direct sale system, with the help of teamwork. Because our product has a story to tell and the quality will be referenced successfully leveraging each social network and relationship. In a world that needs work, we believe we can provide young people an entry to a new system that will generate work culture. Wehave worked many years in the social sector working on integrating the three sectors; Government, Business and Non-Profits in education and work.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
We are convinced that Corporate Social Responsibility is a factor of competitiveness which allows us to expand business, increase the level of production and achieve economies of scale, with the sustainable development of society in which we operate. All this action is also intended as generator resource for civil society, through solidarity campaigns, cultural and sporting events. Promoting different activities towards organizations working in education and inclusion of children and youth. Ryve will expand its actions of organizing evens for community reflection, for free to those who are part of the project, and with a low cost of participation for all those who feel the need of training to develop social awareness in the world of business.