• Southbat Baseball bat - SB-271

Southbat Baseball bat - SB-271

Southbat Baseball bat - SB-271

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The SB-271 is Southbat’s best selling model. Similar to the traditional 271 and made from Premium Guayaibi wood, tighter and denser than maple or ash, our SB-271 is perfectly balanced and has great pop. The weight distribution of the 271 is out more into the barrel than the 110, but still has a nice balanced feel. It’s a fast bat to swing and tends to adapt well to nearly every hitting style. It’s medium barrel offers one of the best sweet spots possible and further extends the durability that Guayaibi already provides.


Handle: 15/16 inches     Barrel: Medium     Cupped: Yes     Available Lengths 32”, 33”, 34”

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