How it Works


Ryve is the first e-commerce network that allow Schools, Clubs, Teams and Coaches sell their own merchandising online with no hassle.

So what's so cool about Ryve?

Basically the concept "e-commerce network" makes the whole difference. You know you can sell your own uniforms and merchandising, but... what if you can also promote any other product available at Ryve and still get money from that? In plain english: imagine you are a baseball coach. Your players just bought their uniforms through the team's personalized Ryve store; great! Now, some of your players are looking for Baseball Bats, so here is where the magic comes: tell them to buy them from the store and you will raise extra money for your team! Cool.. isn't it?

Let's put it this way: you are a soccer coach and you manage 10 teams. You know what it takes to manage uniforms every season, boxes everywhere, problems in cash collection and so many other issues. With Ryve you just get your online store set up for FREE (, you decide what uniform or merchandising you want to feature and done! Players will only need to browse the store, add everything he needs in the shopping cart, pay and... voilà! His uniform will be shipped straight to his doorstep. Coaches will get an email with a notification and access to a manager dashboard to follow sales and redeem earnings.

How Much Commission do Affiliates Make?

Affiliates will get any desirable margings from their own merchandising and up to 30% commissions of other products sold online (or even 50% commissions for products previously stocked, as some Baseball coaches like to do in order to showcase the bats). These are big commissions!

Just to give you an example, if you run a baseball team with 20 kids and recommend Southbat to your players, chances are one of them will listen to you and try the bat out.  For starters, your player will love the bat, love you and hit better. The bonus is that would mean an extra $250 a month to you for doing no extra work and simply recommending a great product!  We’re no math geniuses but that would be an extra $3,000 a year!

What Does This Mean in Plain English?

  • It means that affiliates don’t need to stock or invest upfront on any inventory.
  • A rep gets their own online storefront without any website work on their end. (Example: John Smith Hitting would have a unique URL such as
  • Purchasers can buy products online with their credit card without the need of money exchange with the rep.  (if rep prefers he/she can sell their own stock and receive cash).
  • The rep will be notified when someone buys from their storefront immediately.  They log into their account and will see their commissions made and can request a withdrawal right away.
  • By having an online storefront that Southbat manages it allows you to focus on your own craft while also making extra income.

Getting Started

  1. Submit the form.
  2. Get your promo site (see example at

Start-Up Cost

Our start-up offer is a no brainer.  You can either go for the yearly maintenance fee of $39 or just make a first purchase of $100 at wholesale prices (with your maintenance fee waived for the entire first year).

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