• Mini Backstop/Hitting Station

Mini Backstop/Hitting Station

Mini Backstop/Hitting Station

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The Bownet Mini Backstop Hitting Station is great for soft-toss, t-ball and infield

practice. Perfect for baseball or softball practice or coach pitch games. Works for

all age groups and is used from t-ball to college teams. Can be used in place of a

catcher and is great for pitching practice.

• Measures - 8’ tall x 12’ wide

• Weight - 22lbs.

• Carry Bag Size - 48” x 14”x 3”

• Box Weight - 28lbs.

• Shipping Box Size - 48” x 10” x 7”

• Set-up Time: 3 min. (1 person)

Note: Bownet StrikeZone and ZoneCounter fit this product for pitching practice

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