• Utilitee Stand Complete-Brush Top

Utilitee Stand Complete-Brush Top

Utilitee Stand Complete-Brush Top

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The Utilitee Stand has an all-weather urethane upper and steel lower shaft for superior impact resistance and designed to withstand thousands of hits. The adjustable base makes it easy-to-use for players of all ages.

Durable steel collapsible tripod legs provide Utilitee with a low center of gravity and easily fits over any home plate for a balanced even hitting plane which maximizes your practice time by keeping your UtiliTee upright.

• Includes Carrying Case

• Tee Weight - 4.3lbs.

• Shipping Weight 5.5lbs.

• Bag Size - 30” x 7”

• Box Size 5” x 5” x 31”

Choose Your Utilitee Stand with - Brush Top - Speciall y engineered, nylon bristle brush top heads provide a gamelike feel and give Utilitee the advantage over traditional tees.

Adjustable from 24” to 42”

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